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An educational space where we nurture well-rounded, confident children through inclusivity, diversity, nature, wellness, and socio-emotional growth for future challenges.

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Discover our inclusive learning activities—thoughtfully crafted tasks that embrace diversity, ensuring equal participation and opportunities for all within our dynamic educational environment.


Embark on a year – long academic journey


Explore for minimum of 21 enriching days


Learn, have fun and connect with the natural environment

The Open Flow Uniqueness

An educational space where we nurture well-rounded, confident children through inclusivity, diversity, nature, wellness, and socio-emotional growth for future challenges.

Focus on Emotional Intelligence

Open Flow Learning Centre places a strong emphasis on nurturing children to support their development on their way to becoming well-rounded individuals through the development of emotional intelligence, empathy, and resilience.

Personalized Learning

Open Flow Learning Centre maintains a uniquely low student-to-educator ratio allowing for the necessary attention to create tailored, effective learning plans for each student.

Outdoor Learning

At Open Flow our outdoor learning program builds self confidence and resilience by engaging with Bali's natural environment in the rice fields, jungle, rivers, sea and mountains. Children participate in outdoor adventures and teamwork challenges.

Diversity and Inclusivity

At Open Flow, we embrace students from all walks of life, various nationalities, promoting diversity and global perspectives.

Holistic Well-being

Our dedicated wellness space at Open Flow Learning Centre offers essential support for children's physical and emotional well-being.

Empowering Choice

At Open Flow Learning Centre, we value children's voices and choices, fostering empowerment, engagement, and personal growth.

Adaptable Enrollment

Open Flow Learning Centre offers flexible enrollment options to accommodate diverse schedules, ensuring high-quality education for every child.

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Beach exploration

Beach exploration

Venturing on a coastal science expedition, children explore the beach as a dynamic classroom. Guided by educators, they investigate tide…

Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing

In the spirit of hands-on and immersive learning, children dive into a living classroom, explore marine life and ecosystems. This…

River for dessert

River for dessert

Embark on a captivating culinary adventure as our children delve into the exploration of locally sourced ingredients, uncovering the richness…

Dear Open Flow.

When we found you we were having difficulties settling into Bali. Our 4 yrs old son, who did not speak English, was overwhelmed by all the new impulses and we as parents were not able to help him in a good way. At Open Flow we met people with high competence and patience. Already after two days our son was calm and relaxed, much to our surprise. You were able to follow his needs and curiosity beyond words, into nature, to the animals and to the kitchen, and to gradually make a space for him to thrive. When we left Bali and Open Flow it was with great appreciation and sadness. Our deepest thanks for the wonderful work you do.

Love from Norway

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